The Alderman Law Firm has a proven track record of helping clients obtain significant recoveries in shareholder and partnership disputes.  We frequently represent clients in shareholder derivative litigation, including minority owners that have suffered damages as a result of shareholder oppression.  The firm is experienced at navigating the complex issues involved in business divorce type disputes between owners, partners, and shareholders.

The Alderman Law Firm routinely represents Directors, Officers, majority shareholders and minority shareholders in all aspects of corporate shareholder and fiduciary litigation.  This includes in business divorces, breach of fiduciary duty cases, and shareholder derivative cases.  These cases include:

  • Dividend and distribution disputes;
  • Diversion and preference litigation;
  • Insider and Conflict of Interest Transactions;
  • Dilution claims;
  • Misappropriation claims;
  • Misrepresentation of financial condition claims;
  • Business Judgment Rule defenses;
  • “Squeeze-out” techniques.

The Alderman Law Firm handles these types of cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.  Often the firm will consider hybrid fee arrangements for representing plaintiffs which include a lower hourly rate and a contingency fee component.